SOAP Components


Retic provides SOAP for the following component kinds : Preprocessor, Source, Sink, Postprocessor.
Unlike the other components, they are added to the adaptor using the SOAP builder (Menu Web Services>Add SOAP Component).


The window that opens then, proposes to parse a WSDL file that can be located either on your hard disk, or anywhere on the web (you must then provide a URL).


After providing the WSDL file URI and pressing the "Parse WSDL" button, The "URL of service" is filled with the value found in the WSDL (you can change it). The operation combo is also filled.
Choose an operation and a component kind (Preprocessor, Source, Sink or Postprocessor) and press the "Generate" button.

Then you get back to the main Retic administrator window, with the chosen SOAP component added to the tree in the adaptor design tab and all the SOAP parameters are added to the grid on the right :

I suggest not touching to the SOAPAction and SOAPMessage attributes.
All the attribute with leading _ are the parameters of the SOAP call. They can be found in the SOAPMessage in this form : **parameterName** . For example the value you'll give to _departureCode will replace **departureCode** in the SOAPMessage, at execution time.

You can also specify, if needed, the URL of an HTTP proxy in the proxyUrl attribute.