Retic Administrator


How do I create adaptors ?

Select the design tab of the notebook :

The component bar at the top of the window permits to add/delete components to the adaptor. The multikind components (sources, pipes, sinks and loggers) have a drop down list in order to select the chosen type to add, as shown below :


Adaptors are modelized in a tree control :

Adding components is done with the buttons of the component bar:

1- Select the parent component of the one you're adding
2- Click on the button of the component to add
3- Fill its attributes in the grid on the right side of the window (shown below)

Some rules are defined so that you can't add any child component to any parent one (for instance, sinks can't have child components). Buttons are disabled/enabled according to those rules.
Loggers are special components : whatever might be the selected component in the tree, they'll be added at the root of the adaptor.

Once you're adaptor is finished, save it with the buttons in the middle of the design panel (Warning : adaptors must be saved before being launched in the GUI) :