Parameter Files


Parameter files are used in combination with adaptors in which are defined variable parts.
Variable parts look like this : %paramName%

At execution time, each parameter is replaced by its value, given in the parameter file.

For example, here's an adaptor with variable parts :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<source name="HausseTarifaire" type="SQLTreeSource" msgSize="1" dbType="odbc" polls="1" db="/" dsn="teradata_4700" exitOnError="n" user="alexander" password="majojo" encoding="UTF-8" pollPeriod="0" rootTag="EDITION_HAUSSE">
<treeQuery >
<query name="CLIENT" type="query" recTag="CLIENT" childLink="" SQL="lock dev_facture.contrat_fdp for access select * from dev_facture.contrat_fdp where rang between %rang_min% and %rang_max%" parentLink="">
<query name="COORD" type="query" recTag="COORD" childLink="c.id_contrat" SQL="select a.* from histo_horus.contrat c, histo_horus.adresse a where a.id_adresse = c.id_adresse_facturation" parentLink="id_contrat"/>
<sink name="SaveToBigFile" type="fileSink" filePath="%filePath%" writeMethod="append" fileType="xml" fileName="BigHausseTar%numero_topic%.xml" addTimestamp="n"/>
<sink name="xmlBlasterSink" type="xmlBlasterSink" qos="&lt;qos&gt;&lt;/qos&gt;" url="" user="ADI" key="&lt;key oid=''&gt;&lt;hausseTarifaire&gt;%numero_topic%&lt;/hausseTarifaire&gt;&lt;/key&gt; " password="pass"/>
<logger name="FileHandler14" type="logger" format="%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s" level="INFO" fileName="%filePath%\hausse_%numero_topic%.log" handler="FileHandler" mode="a"/>

Here is an example of parameter file that would fit with it :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

If the adaptor is launched with this parameter file, each occurence of %filePath% will be replaced by "e:\ADI" (as found in the parameter file), each occurence of %numero_topic% will be replaced by "1", and so on for rang_min and rang_max...

Retic administrator has the ability to create/modify parameter files.